Basepair will be at this year’s Bio-IT World

Meet Basepair in Boston, MA from April 16-18, and connect with us to learn how you can run NGS analysis at scale. Our platform is trusted by top institutions such as Partners Healthcare, Harvard Medical School, NYU, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Boston Children’s Hospital, and utilized in dozens of published research papers (see examples here).

Established in 2002, Bio-IT World is one of the largest biotech events of its kind, hosting over 3,400 life sciences, pharmaceutical, clinical, healthcare, and IT professionals. As the premiere event for the latest biomedical, drug discovery and development, clinical, and healthcare tech, Bio-IT World presents an excellent opportunity to meet with experts that can help you and your organization overcome any NGS analytics hurdles.

Our founders would love to meet you in person at Bio-IT World 2019. We’ll be walking through software demonstrations and helping researchers with their next generation sequencing (NGS) analysis challenges. Just email us at and we’ll set up a suitable time to talk at the conference!


The NGS analysis tool used by top institutions

Basepair’s analytics platform is used by the world’s top universities, medical centers, and labs. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to get started in minutes, rapidly run analysis on thousands of samples in parallel, and get high quality reports and visualizations in about an hour.

Meet us at Bio-IT World 2019 to talk biotech and learn more about our:

  • Lightning-fast NGS analysis – Speed is essential when it comes to getting your publication out in time, and Basepair’s enterprise-ready web platform is able to scale to tens of thousands of samples and still finish in under an hour.
  • Easy-to-use NGS analysis tools – Our simple web platform allows you to analyze thousands of samples simultaneously, without the need to understand computing clusters for massive parallel processing, or constantly rely on bioinformaticians to run standard pipelines.
  • Ready-to-use NGS pipelines – Get started in minutes. Upload your samples, choose from over 30 high-quality validated pipelines (for RNA-Seq analysis, ChIP-Seq analysis, DNA-Seq analysis, and ATAC-Seq analysis), and get results.

To connect with Basepair at Bio-IT World 2019 and find out how our platform can rapidly speed up your NGS data analysis, email us as – we’ll be in touch within 24 hours to arrange a meeting.