From Small labs to large Enterprises, we have a plan to fit your needs.

Basepair’s pricing models are affordable and transparent. Both paid plans include unlimited users as well as unlimited analysis and visualization for every sample. In addition, every license includes twelve months maintenance & support as well as access to a multitude of industry standard tools for all genomic, transcriptomic and epigenetic data types.

Capability14 Day Free TrialPay-As-You-GoAnnual License
Best ForTesting PurposesLower Sample VolumesHigher Sample Volumes
CostSix Free SamplesCreate free account to see per sample pricesContact Us for Custom Quote
Unlimited Usage & Samples*
Up to 30% In Sample Volume Discounts
Up to 75% in Sample Volume Discounts
12 Months Unlimited Data Analysis Per Sample
12 Months Data Storage
Tools & Pipelines for All Data Types
Downloadable, Interactive Visualizations & Reports
White Labeling✔**
Kit - Analysis Bundling
Connected Cloud (Cloud Account Plugin)✔**
API/CLI Access
Deploy Custom Pipelines✔**
Native Execution of Nextflow & WDL Pipelines
Email Support
Phone & Video Support
Knowledge Center & Online Help
Service Level Agreement
Bioinformatics Professional Service Days

*Requires Connected Cloud

**Additional Professional Services Cost


What is included in the price?

The price includes storage of raw data and results, unlimited analyses, and review of your results with our experienced bioinformaticians.

Why is there such a big range in price per sample?

The price per sample is based on the size of the data, which can vary significantly. A small resequencing may have less than 1GB of raw data, whereas a whole genome sequencing can have over 100GB of data. In general, single cell and WGS samples are the largest and cost $200/sample. WES, ATAC, ChIP, and RNA-seq data generally cost $100/sample. Small panels can bring down the cost per sample to $20 or less. Keep in mind that customers with many samples get significant volume discounts. Reach out to us to get a quote. 

I have a lot of samples I need to analyze. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! We offer volume discounts based on the number of samples you need to analyze. Contact us to learn about our volume discount pricing policy.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PO, credit card, check, and bank transfer.

Who is the payment service provider?

The payment service is provided by Intuit Payments Inc.


How many analyses can I run per sample?

Once your sample is uploaded to Basepair, you can run an unlimited number of analyses!

How long will it take to run an analysis on Basepair?

Basepair’s workflows are fully automated, which means most analyses take one hour or less to run! If you’ve had to wait for weeks for your bioinformatics core to analyze your data and this sounds too good to be true, we suggest you sign up for our free trial to see for yourself just how fast Basepair is. You can upload up to six samples for free.

I’m not a bioinformatician. Will I really be able to figure out how to run an analysis on my own?

Most of our customers are researchers without a bioinformatics background and no programming experience. Basepair takes care of the backend processing and provides your results in an interactive report, no coding required. In addition, our customers have access to support from our bioinformatics team, who will be happy to answer questions you may have.

Do you offer NGS sequencing?

We specialize in NGS analysis and do not offer NGS sequencing, but we will be happy to direct you to a provider who does. Once your sequencing data is ready, we can import the data from the sequencer via an API directly to Basepair’s cloud for analysis. This means you can start analyzing your samples as soon as they are sequenced — no need to download, upload, or wait for sequencing data to ship on a hard drive. 



Tell us what type of data you're working with and how many samples you need to analyze. We'll send you a quote AND let you know if you're eligible for any volume discounts.

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