For Library Prep Kit Manufacturers

Bring in more customers by bundling your kit with a custom analysis pipeline

Finding it difficult to differentiate and compete in a crowded market?


The genomics market today is very different to that of ten or even five years ago. The growing number of companies offering library prep kits makes it harder than ever to stand out. What’s more customers are demanding a more complete end-to-end experience as opposed to one-off solutions. Organizations who do not offer integrated analysis and visualization can lack real-time visibility into customer behavior and product performance. Many expect their internal Bioinformatics resources to address this need. While this seems like a logical approach, it can be difficult to scale to meet the multitude of routine questions that arise from the initial work. In turn this can lead to increased costs, longer turnaround times, and eventually, lost market share.

Focus on your customers and chemistry and let Basepair handle the analysis and deployment

In today’s world of cloud computing, it’s not enough to provide analysis pipelines for download on GitHub. You need to reach the wider market of non-tech savvy customers. But how do you do that? You may think that a build-it-yourself approach is attractive from an IP ownership perspective. But, the resources needed to build a modern web portal can be numerous – DevOps, cloud computing engineers, bioinformaticians, and UX designers to name a few. For this reason, many organizations would prefer to buy an off-the-shelf solution (COTS). Unfortunately, first generation bioinformatics platforms that have been around since the advent of high throughput sequencers lack the modern architecture and GUI needed to deliver a comprehensive solution for kit customers. Basepair gives you the power to leverage the compute and storage resources in your own cloud account. This allows you take advantage of the economies of scale offered by cloud providers like AWS. You can even enable your customers to use the analysis capabilities of their own cloud account so that you don’t need to absorb the cost yourself. Basepair also offers a feature-rich analysis platform designed for kit manufactures. This includes coupon technology to bundle analysis at the point-of-sale, easy white labeling, and a modern point-and-click interface designed for the bench scientist. In fact, bioinformaticians have everything they need to rapidly deploy approved workflows to an end users.

Deliver a Superior Customer Experience and Increase Kit Sales


While nothing replaces customer conversations, the days of that being the only way to understand your customers’ usage patterns are over. With Basepair you’ll have real time access to the metadata from secondary analysis runs such as frequency, type, QC and alignment metrics. Armed with this data, you’ll know exactly when your kits are being used and how they are performing in the field. You’ll be able to be more proactive with your customer support and sales conversations as well as streamline product troubleshooting. This level of service leads to improved customer satisfaction and an increase in repeat business. Furthermore, the combination of the architectural advances combined with the flexible licensing options that include pay-as-you-go (PAYG) per sample mean you can deliver a comprehensive branded web portal with minimal to no impact on margins.


Download the datasheet to discover how Basepair can help you bundle data analysis at the point of sale with your sequencing kit.