For Library Prep Kit Manufacturers

Bring in more customers by bundling your kit with a custom analysis pipeline

Give your customers the results they ultimately want

For customers working on an NGS research project, choosing a sequencing kit is just one step of the process. What they ultimately want are clear, high-quality analysis results for publication. With Basepair, you can offer your customers exactly that. We work directly with manufacturers and suppliers to develop custom analysis pipelines that can be bundled with the sequencing kit.

Focus on the chemistry and let us take care of the analysis

We’ll work with your R&D team to develop a pipeline that runs flawlessly and is designed specifically for your sequencing kit. Then we’ll create a simple and easy to use portal branded with your colors and logo. Give your customers the link to the portal, and let them run their own analyses. We’ll take care of the development, cloud hosting, file storage, and any customer support. No need to spend months building up an in-house team or trying to create and maintain your own infrastructure.

Set yourself apart from the competition

For many researchers today, data analysis is the bottleneck in NGS projects. Many labs do not have in-house bioinformaticians, so they have to rely on bioinformatics cores or other providers to analyze their raw data. By offering an analysis bundle with your sequencing kit, you can give your customers faster results and greater value.

 Find out how we can help you create a custom analysis bundle for your sequencing kits.