For Clinical Laboratories

Automate your reporting process to increase productivity and data security


Give your practitioners flexible reporting options


Next-generation sequencing is immensely powerful for advancing personalized medicine and data-driven clinical decision-making, but having the right tools to analyze and make sense of the large volumes of data NGS generates is key. Basepair helps physicians and lab directors meet this challenge.

Basepair offers an end-to-end platform that seamlessly unifies sequencers with automated NGS analysis and visual reporting on small mutations and copy number changes. Using Basepair, physicians and researchers can use customizable reporting tools to quickly identify genomic disease markers and map the course of treatment, leading to deeper insights and better informed treatment decisions.

Analyze thousands of samples a month-without hiring more people

Many clinics continue piecemeal together multiple tools to analyze data and generate reports. Technicians and scientists, as a result, have to employ complex processes and spend excessive hands-on time to synchronize multiple tools. Such inefficiencies have deterred clinics from attaining much higher levels of productivity and speed. Does this sound like business as usual? It shouldn’t be.

Basepair works with clinics to fully automate patient NGS data analysis. Our cloud-native solution scales to handle thousands of analyses in parallel and integrates directly with internal storage systems and cloud storage. With Basepair, your clinic can improve productivity and speed, all while fully leveraging NGS analysis to increase reporting accuracy. And because everything is fully automated and cloud-based, you won’t need to hire more people to run or maintain the system.

Keep your clinical data encrypted and HIPAA-compliant


We understand just how critical data security is to you. Our analysis solutions for clinical laboratories are built using state-of-the-art encryption algorithm and follow dbGaP Security Best Practices for handling genomic data. Our reporting practices and data storage solutions are fully compliant with HIPAA. We also exceed the FDA requirement for 21 CFR part 11.

Basepair is also CAP and CLIA compliant to address the need for every clinic to use standard, defined, and repeatable analysis and reporting processes. Additionally, the system logs all user activity so you can keep track of each instance a practitioner accesses patient data.

Find out how Basepair can automate analyses and reporting processes to help you scale and remain HIPAA-compliant.