About Basepair

Founded by Harvard School Medical School scientist, Amit Sinha, PhD, BasePair grew out of the belief that all scientists, from Bioinformaticians to Bench Biologists, should be able to analyze, visualize and make sense of genomic data.

Thanks to advances in NGS technology, genomic data is being generated on an unprecedented scale. In response to that, improvements in cloud computing resources have allowed the raw data to be processed and stored with ever increasing efficiency. At BasePair we believe one of the biggest challenges preventing this now arguably lies not with how the data gets generated and processed, but who is able to perform the analysis and understand what it means. Limiting this work to a select few, whether through choice or more often because of technology restrictions, especially for routine analyses, leads to reduced efficiency in R&D teams, longer times to market for assay manufacturers and increased turnaround times in clinical settings.

What is needed is a software platform that democratizes not just access to, but analysis and interpretation of, genomic data. Crucially we believe that this needs to provide the flexibility to do so in a way that allows organizations to connect to and leverage the compute and storage resources in their own cloud account. When that happens, they remain connected to the other analytical capabilities offered by their cloud provider and can benefit from economies of scale by running everything through one account. From there, end users with the appropriate domain expertise should be able to rerun the same workflows in a controlled setting and use a multitude of inbuilt visualization tools and reports to make sense of the data.

Whilst we are fully committed to executing on this vision, no one company can deliver on the promise of precision medicine alone. Equally, although there are benefits to being a startup, we understand the importance of having the support of household names in genomics. That’s why we have developed partnerships with some of the largest and most well known organizations in the space, including Amazon (AWS) and Complete Genomics. When you choose to work with Basepair, know that you also have the support of a much wider community of partners to help with the long term execution of your business and scientific objectives.

Below you’ll find more information about our core team. Wish to join us? Head over to the careers page.

Amit Sinha, PhD

CEO & Founder

Amit is a computational biologist with a decade of expertise. Before starting Basepair he was an Instructor at Harvard Medical School.

Simon Valentine

Chief Commercial Officer

Simon is a Biological Sciences graduate from Birmingham University in the UK. He brings over 25 years of commercial leadership experience in a variety of scientific software organizations. Most recently Simon led the global enterprise informatics sales team at Illumina and also served as the VP of North America Sales at Seven Bridges Genomics.

Blas Vicco

Director of Engineering

Blas is a computer engineer who graduated from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. He has over fifteen years of experience working in web applications projects.

Luke Wojenski

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Luke is a bioinformatics scientist at Basepair. He earned a bachelors in biology from the University of Connecticut before moving on to a PhD in genetics and genomics. His primary research focused on transcription regulation during human cell division. Luke is passionate about applying NGS-based techniques in order to answer biological questions.

Priyanka Mulay

Product Manager

Priyanka holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology and has three international publications in the field. As a certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), she excels at translating customer needs into features and promoting agile collaboration across diverse teams. With over a decade of experience in Clinical Reporting, Precision Medicine, Oncology, and Genetics, she is proficient in NGS data analysis and wet lab methodologies. She also led COVID-19 sequencing surveillance studies in Southern India, demonstrating her leadership and scientific dedication.

Samkeet Jain

Engineering Lead

Samkeet Jain, is an accomplished Engineering Lead at Basepair Inc, spearheading the design, development, and scaling of cutting-edge technological solutions. With a robust background in cloud architecture, Samkeet holds certifications as an AWS SA Professional and an AWS DevOps Professional, positioning him as a seasoned expert in cloud-based solutions. Samkeet brings to the table extensive experience in crafting high-traffic, scalable systems across diverse domains, including Life Science, E-commerce, and Open Banking.

Shubham Verma

Bioinformatics Scientist

With a Master’s in Bioinformatics and expertise in Nextflow, Docker containers, and Cloud Computing Skills, Shubham leverages the power of genomics research. He designs and builds robust bioinformatics pipelines, strategically driving his company’s success in this field.

Govind Yadav

Engineering Manager

Govind is a software engineer who is passionate about innovations in coding and web applications.

Rohan Sharma

NGS Software Specialist

Rohan is a computer science graduate and an experienced Support and Sales specialist. He is part of Marketing, Sales and Support team at Basepair.