Basepair is Enterprise-Ready

Use Your Own Cloud Account

All of the benefits and ultra-low operational burden of a SaaS platform, now with the ability to provision in your own Cloud account.  It is no longer necessary to move data into a vendor-hosted solution to get the benefits of a platform.  With Basepair, your ‘Omics data can remain stored and the compute instances to analyze that data can be spun up in your own IT-approved environment.  This will enable you to stay on top of IT security and compliance requirements while also remaining connected to all of the other data, processes, and softwares currently running in your cloud.  This has the added benefit of strengthening your relationship with your cloud provider, where you can negotiate favorable pricing terms, and fulfill any minimum cloud usage commitments.

Easy to Use

The best way to scale up your organization’s capacity to analyze and make sense of ‘Omics data is to enable more people to run the analyses themselves.  Our point and click user interface is built specifically for the bench scientist so that everyone in the organization, regardless of computational experience, can quickly and easily run analysis pipelines.  Every analysis automatically generates interactive visualizations so they can further interrogate and interact with the processed data, going from raw data to answers with just a few clicks of the mouse.  This allows the bench researcher to collaborate with the bioinformatics team and only rely on them for more informed, downstream questions about their data, rather than asking them to run even the most routine analysis.  This will free up your bioinformatics team’s time to focus on more valuable tasks, like pipeline development, data integrations and other downstream applications like AI/Machine Learning. 

Advanced Storage Management

Save up to 80% on your monthly storage bill by intelligently and automatically moving the largest ‘Omics files into cold storage when you no longer need them.  Once you run an analysis and are working with the processed data and interactive visualizations, your fastq, BAM, and other extraneous files can be moved into cold storage automatically, rather than waiting a longer time for other automated storage management systems, or having to manage the entire process manually. Importantly, when you need to come back later to re-analyze those samples from scratch, the software will automatically un-archive them and kick off the analysis, resulting in a seamless and un-interrupted user experience, alongside those significant cost savings. 

Companion Analysis

If your company sells a physical product like a Library Preparation Kit, Assay, Diagnostic, or even sequencing hardware, you may be considering how best to enable your customers to perform analysis on the data generated by your products.  We can partner with you to white-label our software with your branding so you can offer your own validated analysis to your customers without spending millions of dollars building a fully fledged software solution yourself.  Perhaps even more important, we offer a business operations layer that enables you to generate Coupon codes so you can control the amount of analysis each customer has access to, while also owning and bundling the sale into one seamless transaction.  You can also get insights into real time product usage and other analytics metadata about the quality of your products to improve product performance and customer support response times. 

Integration with Amazon HealthOmics

AWS newest HealthOmics offering promises a multitude of improvements for ‘Omics data including up to 30% cost savings on storage, optimized workflows, and a superior way to query across the largest datasets so we can discover valuable insights as our data generation continues to outstrip our capacity for data interpretation.  Tons of organizations are interested in the savings and improvements that HealthOmics offers but can not find the bandwidth in their team to implement it themselves. Basepair, where we have integrated HealthOmics under the hood, but with our incredibly easy-to-use interface layered on top, so you can start enjoying the benefits immediately without all of the effort. 

Simple, Flexible Licensing

From Pay-As-You-Go models for academic or startup research labs wanting to test the waters, all the way up through unlimited, all-inclusive Enterprise licenses, we can offer business models that work for everyone.  When you leverage your own cloud resources, you no longer need to be tied to any sort of usage limitation.  As a partner, we never need to come back in the middle of a license period to ask you for more money that you have not budgeted for.  The most important thing when it comes to software license pricing is that it is clear and predictable.  Our PAYG pricing is available within our web-application at all times and you can reach out to our sales team to get an Enterprise License quote today.

Security, Compliance and Support

Security: Your Data is Safe

We meet or exceed industry standards to keep your data safe from malicious agents. Both our web interface and API are https only, encrypting all information between your computer and our servers. All data is encrypted at rest during storage. Our servers operate behind a secure firewall.

Privacy: Control Your Data

We understand your data is highly valuable. You have complete control over who has access to your data; it can only be accessed by you or other users on Basepair you have explicitly permitted to view or edit your data.


Audit: Stay on Top

Any big project has multiple stakeholders viewing, adding, and editing data. Basepair diligently tracks all activities so you always know who did what and when. Every user activity is systematically stored and is available for review. In many cases, it is possible to roll back changes if required.

Support: For Scientists, By Scientists

Basepair’s team of scientists are here to help you with both technical (how to use the software) and scientific (how to interpret your data) issues. We provide support over chat, email, phone, or in-person. We provide scientific consultation services for complex questions, e.g, data integration, making figures for publications, etc.

SLA: Because Your Project Can't Wait

We probably dislike downtime more than you do. Our users trust us with important projects and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Basepair architecture is designed to be robust and fault-tolerant. We strive to provide an availability of 99.9%. Our systems were fully functioning for 99.8% in the last 12 months and 100% in the last 30 days.