Web-Based: No Software To Install

Sign-up online in less than a minute, no software to install, manage and upgrade. No hardware required either. Your samples and results are available at your office, home or conference, 24-7.

Easy To Use: Run Analyses in Minutes

Run complex workflows with just a few clicks. Most users take less than a minute of hands-on time to add a sample and run an analysis. Our workflows show all the steps of the analysis to help the users understand exactly how their data will be analyzed.

Interactive: Publication-Ready Figures and Reports

From heatmaps to volcano plots, interact with NGS data directly in the online report. Use filters and sliders to adjust your parameters, download your figures in high resolution, or export files for additional analysis.

Execute the Biggest Genomics Projects

Fast: Get Results In a Few Hours

,Basepair’s unique technology ensures you get your results in a few hours, whether you have 10 samples or 10,000. Your analysis starts right away; there is never a wait time. We use servers with up to 32 cores, SSD disks and enhanced networking to ensure you get your results quickly. Many of our algorithms are optimized to run in parallel.

Scalability: Run 1,000+ Analyses in Parallel

Basepair is ready to handle the workload of the largest genome projects. Our scale-out architecture fires up servers as users request a new analysis and automatically shuts them down upon completion of the analysis. We have the capacity to run thousands of multi-core servers to support the biggest workloads.

Unlimited Storage: Never Delete a File Again

Running on top of highly capable cloud providers, we offer our users virtually unlimited storage that is secure, encrypted and durable. We automatically store raw data, intermediate files and final results. Because Basepair is web-based, your data is available anywhere in the world with internet access.

Basepair is Enterprise-Ready


Security: Your Data is Safe

We meet or exceed industry standards to keep your data safe from malicious agents. Both our web interface and API are https only, encrypting all information between your computer and our servers. All data is encrypted at rest during storage. Our servers operate behind a secure firewall.

Privacy: Control Your Data

We understand your data is highly valuable. You have complete control over who has access to your data; it can only be accessed by you or other users on Basepair you have explicitly permitted to view or edit your data.


Audit: Stay on Top

Any big project has multiple stakeholders viewing, adding, and editing data. Basepair diligently tracks all activities so you always know who did what and when. Every user activity is systematically stored and is available for review. In many cases, it is possible to roll back changes if required.


Support: For Scientists, By Scientists

Basepair’s team of scientists are here to help you with both technical (how to use the software) and scientific (how to interpret your data) issues. We provide support over chat, email, phone, or in-person. We provide scientific consultation services for complex questions, e.g, data integration, making figures for publications, etc.

SLA: Because Your Project Can't Wait

We probably dislike downtime more than you do. Our users trust us with important projects and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Basepair architecture is designed to be robust and fault-tolerant. We strive to provide an availability of 99.9%. Our systems were fully functioning for 99.8% in the last 12 months and 100% in the last 30 days.