NGS Analysis Solutions for Small

Labs and Large Enterprises

Whether you’re looking for an white label solution or an easy-to-use online software, Basepair gives you the tools you need so NGS data analysis never becomes a bottleneck for your teams and customers.

For Academic Researchers

✔ Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your lab’s data analysis

✔ Get beautiful visuals for publication in every analysis report

✔ Enjoy the credibility of open-source tools without the hassle of running them

For Clinical Laboratories

✔ Give your practitioners flexible reporting options.

✔ Analyze thousands of samples a month — without hiring more people.

✔ Keep your clinical data encrypted and HIPAA-compliant.

For Library Prep Kit Manufacturers

✔ Bring in more customers by bundling your kit with a custom analysis pipeline.

✔ Focus on the chemistry and let us take care of the analysis.

✔ Set yourself apart from the competition.

For Pharma and Biotech R&D

✔ Save your research team weeks of work with custom pipelines.

✔ Enable seamless reproducibility you can’t get with internal tools.

✔ Optimize your analysis process to speed up your R&D.


For Sequencing Service Providers

✔ Sell NGS analysis solutions without additional hires or infrastructure.

✔ Don’t just give your customers FASTQ files. Give them results, fast.

✔ Grow your customer spend. Increase your profit margins.

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