Automated NGS analysis solutions for research, clinical, biotech, and pharma teams

Basepair’s blazing-fast yet simple platform features 30+ public and custom NGS analysis pipelines, transparent audit trails, full integration support, automation via API, scaling for up to thousands of samples, and much more. Free Trial

Automated NGS data analysis solutions for…


Basepair’s easy-to-use platform lets researchers instantly run over 30 popular NGS analysis pipelines. No coding skills required. No need to wait for bioinformaticians.

✔  No software to install, manage, or upgrade. Analysis is done on Basepair’s cloud-hosted servers, so all the technical stuff happens under the hood.

✔  30+ NGS data analysis pipelines for multiple data types, including DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, and ATAC-Seq data.

✔  Publication-ready reports include beautiful plots and interactive figures that make exploring data and publishing visuals simple and intuitive.

Clinical Research & Reporting

Basepair’s powerful platform is able to analyze thousands of large samples in parallel, so you get results in hours, not days or weeks. Swiftly identify genomic disease markers with robust reporting tools.

✔  Our platform is hosted on powerful cloud servers, meaning you can scale to thousands of samples in parallel, and still finish in hours.

✔  Free your team from NGS data analysis bottlenecks with a seamless platform that integrates with LIMS and internal IT systems.

✔  Fully automate NGS data analysis with a fully-functional API.

Pharma and Biotech

Automate NGS data across every stage of drug discovery with Basepair’s comprehensive web platform. Our cloud-native solution scales to thousands of parallel workflows and integrates seamlessly with LIMS and local databases. Advance innovation and save research teams weeks of work with cost-effective parallelization, a robust API, and built-in data trails for reproducible results.

✔  Systematically share interactive reports among multiple team members using fine-grained user control.

✔  Easy-to-use web UI and API allow analysis of up to thousands of samples in parallel.

✔  Built-in audit trails enable unprecedented reproducibility you simply can’t get with internal tools.

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Upload and analyze up to six samples with our commitment-free 14-day trial. Choose among 30 meticulously-tested workflows, or explore our interactive sample reports. See why some of the world’s top institutions, labs, and pharma teams are using Basepair to save thousands of hours (and dollars) for their NGS data analysis needs.

Our reports have been published in dozens of peer-reviewed journals

Basepair Work is in Dozens of Peer-Reviewed Journals

"Fast, excellent and reasonably CAN get all three!! Thank you to the folks at Basepair for helping us deal with some difficult RNA Seq data."

Sharen Mckay

Yale University

"I really like how easy the website is to use. And how quickly the results are generated, including figures. I would have never thought about doing a new analysis like I just did."

Emilie Montenont

NYU Langone Health

"Support answers come fast and are always precise!"


Maria Hollnagel

Ulm University