Our team of bioinformaticians and developers have spent over 15 years conducting NGS data analysis before starting Basepair. During the ol’ manual NGS data analysis days, there were some good times… and there was also plenty of frustration.

Much of NGS data analysis consists of juggling a panoply of open-source and paid tools, waiting for analyses to finish, finding time to get reports publication-ready, and more waiting.

We didn’t think this was all that great, so we created Basepair, which combines the flexibility of open source with an easy-to-use interface, and leverages our team’s expertise by ensuring that each of our 30 pipelines is rigorously tested for accuracy and reproducibility.

Rather than list out our features verbatim (you can read them on our Features page), we figured the best way to convey how much time and energy Basepair saves is to show you what we used to do in the past, and how Basepair tackles each of these problems today.

Basepair NGS data analysis - life before and after Basepair's automated platform (Infographic)