Laboratories worldwide can simplify the critical processes of metagenomic data analysis and reporting, while complying with privacy and security regulations.

ZHUBEI CITY, TAIWAN, February 15, 2024 — Micronbrane Medical, a pioneering force in Metagenomic Next-Generation Sequencing (mNGS), today announced the launch of its PaRTI-Cular Bioinformatic Web App. This milestone is achieved through a strategic partnership with Basepair, a leading Software-as-a-Service platform provider of point and click bioinformatics on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

In a world witnessing the accelerated emergence of pathogens and global infectious disease events, the demand for rapid and accurate testing has never been more critical. Traditional diagnostic methods, such as cultures, and newer tests using PCR, and serology, face limitations in detecting mixed infections, protracted turnaround times, and low diagnostic yield.

Micronbrane Medical developed PaRTI-Cular™ to process the vast amount of sequencing data. Together with Basepair and AWS, labs can securely, accurately and cost-effectively streamline mNGS analysis.

—–Dr. Mengchu Wu

Metagenomic NGS stands out as a superior solution, offering fast and comprehensive identification of both known and novel pathogens. Despite the undeniable advantages of mNGS, adoption encounters technical and cost hurdles including the substantial amount of data generated during sequencing and the complex process of distilling it into accurate and actionable information.

In response to the challenge, Micronbrane Medical developed a web-based Pathogen Real-Time Identification (PaRTI)-Cular™ Web App. PaRTI-Cular streamlines the analysis and reporting process by offering up-to-date genome information for thousands of microorganisms, database benchmarking, and robust pathogen identification. Its capabilities extend to handling microorganisms with unusual sequence homologies or close taxonomic relationships, minimizing the risks of false-positive or false-negative reporting.

“PaRTI-Cular can produce results in 30 minutes from sequenced samples, but we knew clinical and hospital labs needed a way to easily and securely deploy the pipeline,” said Mengchu Wu, Ph.D, Micronbrane Medical’s Co-founder, and CEO. “By partnering with Basepair, PaRTI-Cular can be securely implemented in the cloud, or in a customer’s AWS account to avoid data movement and significantly reducing security risks.”

The collaboration addresses the growing importance of mNGS in unraveling the intricate link between health and microbiomes. Swift dissemination of pathogen identification results to clinicians is essential to ensure timely and accurate diagnoses, ultimately leading to earlier and individualized patient treatment.

“Our vision is to help create a world where analysis and interpretation of NGS data is no longer the bottleneck in unlocking the potential of genomics to positively impact human health,” said Amit Sinha, CEO and founder of Basepair. “We also knew that we could not create this world alone and that partnerships with leading biotechnology companies would be key. By partnering with Micronbrane Medical we are confident that we will help accelerate rapid infectious disease testing for the benefit of global health.”

Micronbrane Medical’s strategic partnership with Basepair and AWS ensures that PaRTI-Cular contributes to a transformative shift in how infectious diseases are diagnosed by providing an easily deployed, all-in-one mNGS testing and reporting solution.

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At Micronbrane Medical, our mission is to develop genomic innovations that enrich our understanding of microorganisms to benefit human health and sustainability. The company’s proprietary technologies include special collection devices, novel host depletion, optimized reagents, advanced metagenomic sequencing assays, plus rapid bioinformatic analysis software. The combined Micronbrane Medical solution enables fast and accurate identification and monitoring of a broad range of microorganisms, including bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites. Headquartered in Taiwan, the company has partnerships and collaborations with leading academic institutions, health systems, and clinical laboratories worldwide, underscoring its commitment to transforming our relationship with microorganisms. For more information visit

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Basepair Inc., is a market leading point and click bioinformatics company focused on unlocking the full potential of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology. Its Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) platform abstracts away the processes between software development and IT that are normally required to manage data and run analyses in the cloud. Unlike other SAAS platforms, Basepair’s technology is provisioned inside a customer’s own AWS account to avoid data movement and improve security and compliance. The resulting democratization of NGS analysis and reporting reduces the downstream bottlenecks that can often slow down interpretation of test results, accelerating time to scientific and diagnostic insight. To learn more, visit


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