With a large number of companies and universities taking extensive measures to curb the spread of COVID-19, many employees are now working remotely. A range of software tools help remote teams seamlessly manage messages, meetings, and projects. Slack for messaging, Asana for assigning and managing tasks, Zoom for video calling — these are just some of the tools the Basepair team uses to make sure everyone stays organized and connected. 

But for researchers who usually need to be physically present in the lab to run their experiments, a mandate to work from home presents a number of challenges. In many situations, going to the lab is unavoidable, and no software tools can offer an appropriate alternative. At the same time, it is important for labs today to reassess their policies, identify areas where employees do not need to be physically present in the lab, and utilize alternative tools that employees can use to maintain productivity away from the lab. 

For those who work with NGS data and want to be able to run analyses from their office in the lab or their laptop at home, Basepair is an excellent solution. 

Access your data files and run analyses from any computer, anywhere

Whether you’re traveling for a conference or working from home because of a global pandemic, with Basepair, you always have access to your data because everything is stored in our encrypted cloud. Any data stored in BaseSpace or an FTP drive can be imported directly into Basepair. 

Run any of our 40+ pipelines for RNA, DNA, ChIP, and ATAC-seq data from anywhere with an internet connection. Basepair is entirely cloud-based and will fire up servers as needed so that your analyses finish running quickly. No need to worry about storage space or local compute resources.

Share your results with colleagues and collaborators anywhere in the world

Basepair is designed with collaboration in mind. Does your colleague want to look at the detailed analysis report? Maybe a collaborator from another lab wants to run additional downstream analyses? Just click the share button, type in the email address of the person you’d like to share data with, and set the permission levels (view only, edit only, admin). Your collaborator will get an email prompting them to create an account to view the data. 

Give your lab members greater flexibility with the right tools

Right now we’re all part of a global work from home experiment that is undoubtedly going to change how and where people work. While a global pandemic may be a catalyst to encourage labs and companies to review their work-from-home policies and tools, the trend toward remote work and flexible schedules has been gaining popularity for some time now. Companies that are temporarily changing policies in response to coronavirus concerns will likely soon be evaluating whether certain changes can be permanent. 

Many companies, Basepair included, have successfully worked in fully or partially remote teams since the beginning. With the right tools, allowing your lab members the flexibility and freedom to work remotely as needed can be a welcome benefit for the whole team. If you’d like to learn more about how Basepair can give your team greater flexibility, reach out to us. And in the meantime, sign up for a free trial and try the platform.