The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health & Human Development recently awarded Basepair a $300,000 Small Business Innovation Research grant for the development of a software platform for pre-implantation genetic testing of aneuploidy (PGT-A). 

While in vitro fertilization methods have been increasingly leveraging next generation sequencing technologies for pre-implantation genetic testing, many challenges exist with PGT-A sequencing and analysis. Specifically, the vast majority of software can only distinguish one type of genetic defect (i.e. aneuploidy), is difficult to use, and is tied to distinct sequencing platforms, limiting the clinical utility of resulting analyses.

As an innovator in efficient, user-friendly and web-based NGS bioinformatics pipelines, Basepair is using this award to develop the first fully integrated suite of software for PGT-A analysis, compatible with sequencing data from multiple platforms. An accessible bioinformatics platform will help bridge the gap between PGT-A sequencing and IVF outcomes, furthering Basepair’s mission to help scientists make sense of genetic data and accelerate discoveries in medicine.

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