Basepair for Enterprise

End-to-End Genomic Data Management and Analysis Solution

For our enterprise clients, Basepair for Enterprise is a powerful end-to-end solution for genomic data storage, analysis, and collaboration. Basepair integrates with your sequencing service providers and CROs to automatically ingest and securely store sequenced data files. Our analysis portal, a powerful tool quickly customized with your pipelines, is used by your bioinformaticians and researchers to quickly analyze genomic data. And the generated reports, with interactive visualizations and graphs, allow your scientists to seamlessly collaborate and explore the data across teams.

Why Customers Choose Basepair

Streamlined genomic data processes

Basepair for Enterprise takes your fragmented approach to working with genomic data and streamlines it. We automate manual processes by integrating with virtually all genomics platforms and datatypes, including non-genomic data.

Superpowers for your bioinformatics team

With Basepair for Enterprise, your bioinformatics team can automate their entire workflow. For bioinformaticians, this means less time on menial tasks, and more time on meaningful research. For bench scientists, this means access to a user-friendly UI to analyze their own genomics data.

Full control over the data on your terms

Basepair for Enterprise can be deployed on your cloud account with your data access and control policies. As an AWS Select Partner, we follow best practices to ensure your data always remains secure and compliant with industry regulations.

Basepair for Enterprise Features

Seamless integration

Basepair is compatible with multiple cloud providers, genomics platforms, and data types.

Priority Support

Support from the Basepair team when you need it.

Beautiful Visualizations

Our pipelines generate interactive reports with publication-ready visualizations to explore your data.

Easy Automation

Automate the entire process, from data upload and analysis, to reporting and visualization.

Data Privacy and Security

We follow industry best practices in data security and encryption. Our secure audit system allows you to track user activity and manage access levels

Custom Pipelines

In addition to 40+ pipelines already available on Basepair, we work with your bioinformatics team to quickly add your pipelines to the platform.

What our Customers Say About Basepair for Enterprise

Enable faster collaboration between researchers.

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