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Accelerate the pace of NGS research

Organizations need to accelerate the pace of their Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) research, and to stay competitive in today’s global R&D landscape, the right technology is everything.

Research teams anywhere should be able to process and make sense of their data quickly to accelerate the discovery of new medicines and gain insights into complex scientific problems.

Basepair partners with global pharmaceutical research companies and leading contract research organizations (CROs), empowers the biologists to quickly and accurately process NGS data, create interactive reports and searchable databases in a matter of hours rather than the current norm of weeks or months.

Using Basepair platform, pharmaceutical organizations can fully automate their NGS data analysis. Ready-to-use pipelines and interactive reporting tools make it fast and easy to add NGS data across every stage of the drug discovery.

Our a cloud-native solution scales to handle 1000+ parallel workflows and integrates directly with LIMS, Sequencer and sync local db.

Key Benefits

Basepair has the proven technology and expertise to successfully help organizations transform NGS research and advance innovation forward.

With Basepair, you can upload your raw data, choose among several high-quality workflows for RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, DNA-Seq, etc. and get results in an hour. The end result? You can give valuable innovation time back to your scientists.


  • Analyze and share NGS data in hours not weeks or months
  • Trusted by top research universities and publications
  • Easy to use, get started in minutes!
  • Flexible, scalable and powerful enterprise-class software
  • Over 30 ready-to-use workflows for major NGS applications
  • Ready reports and interactive databases for further analysis
  • Web based, so there is no software to install, manage and upgrade.
  • Your samples and results are available online 24-7.
  • API-level controls for all tasks, such as to add new samples, run analysis and download results.

Types of Analysis

An overview of Basepair workflows for NGS applications.


See Basepair powered NGS research in peer-reviewed journals.

NGS Workflows

The bread and butter of our platform is automated workflows, which save teams thousands of hours.

Trusted by top pharma & biotech firms worldwide

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