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Customize pipelines and generate figures for your collaborators in seconds

Speed up collaboration between bench scientists and bioinformaticians

As cutting-edge data types like single cell RNA-seq become more popular within the scientific community, bioinformatics cores find themselves swamped with computa-tionally complex projects. One-size-fits-all pipelines don’t work here: analyses require delicate fine-tuning. Each project is unique and requires bioinformaticians to dive into the biology together with the bench scientist. 

Basepair enables bioinformaticians to run custom pipelines and share results with their customers directly via a user-friendly GUI. This means you and your customers can spend more time diving into the data.

Give researchers interactive reports, not static tables

How many emails should it take to generate a t-SNE plot with 5 clusters instead of 10? None. A thread of emails just to get a figure right is inefficient, annoying, and unscalable.

When your run analyses on Basepair, your customers get access to interactive reports with beautiful graphs and figures. From quality control metrics, to t-SNE and UMAP clusters, to heatmaps. With Basepair, your customers can create and download publication-ready figures in seconds.


Control the pipelines and analysis results at every step

With Basepair, you can run complex analyses with robust parameters controlled entirely by the bioinformatician. Once the analysis runs, the generated report can be reviewed by the bioinformatician, and only then shared with other collaborators or customers.

This ensures collaboration as well as control over the data every step of the way. It’s a win for everyone.



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