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NGS data is immensely powerful for advancing personalized medicine, but with each genome, raw data alone is up to 100 gb per sample, multiplied over 1000s of samples!

Having the right tools to analyze and make sense of the data is key to advancing medicine.

Basepair helps physicians and lab directors meet this challenge. Our scalable NGS analysis takes only an hour or less. The customizable reporting tools let you slice and dice the data to quickly identify genomic disease markers and map the course of treatment.


Simplified NGS data analysis and reporting is at the heart of what we help you achieve. Using Basepair, physicians and physician-researchers can easily test hypotheses, isolate actionable biomarkers and share their findings, leading to deeper insights and better informed treatment decisions.

Higher quality more accessible data leads to deeper insight. Basepair works with physicians to fully automate patient NGS data analysis. Our cloud-native solution scales to handle 1,000+ parallel analysis and integrates directly with internal storage systems and cloud storage (S3, Google Drive, Box, etc.)

Key Benefits

Basepair has the proven technology and expertise to successfully help organizations transform NGS-based reporting and advance innovation forward.

With Basepair, you can automatically analyze thousands of samples in hours. The end result? Quick turnaround and timely availability of actionable information.


  • Analyse and share NGS data in hours not weeks or months
  • Trusted by top research universities and publications
  • Easy to use, get started in minutes!
  • Flexible, scalable and powerful enterprise-class software
  • Customized NGS analysis and reporting
  • Ready reports and interactive databases for further analysis
  • Web based, so there is no software to install, manage and upgrade.
  • Your samples and results are available online 24-7.
  • API-level controls for all tasks, such as to add new samples, run analysis and download results.

Types of Analysis

An overview of Basepair workflows for NGS applications.


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NGS Workflows

The bread and butter of our platform is automated workflows, which save teams thousands of hours.

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