A Custom Analysis & Visualization Platform Designed For Your Kit 

With Basepair you’ll have a company-branded portal for your customers to analyze and visualize data from your test kits that is easy to use, requires no coding, and is designed specifically for your assays. This will Increase the value of your product and remove the headache from analysis.

Some of our Customers

Focus on what you do best. We’ll do the rest.

No one can be an expert in everything. NGS Analysis & Visualization is our bread and butter. Our engineers and bioinformaticians will custom build a platform with your company branding and approved analysis workflows. 

Your Data. Your Cloud. 

Already have an AWS cloud account? Great! 

Want customers to manage their own compute and storage costs? Okay! However you decide to manage your data is fine with us. And if you’re not really sure what to do, that’s okay too. We’ll help you navigate the process and decide on the path that is best for you.

Make It Easy For Customers to Analyze Data From Your Kits

No more bioinformatics bottlenecks that can prevent you from reaching a broader customer base. Free your internal support team from answering routine analysis questions. A point and click GUI designed with bench scientists in mind.

See how a top IVF company expanded their portfolio to include genomic testing supported by Basepair software

Clear Customer Insights

How do you measure success of your products? Kit sales tell part of the story but without real time customer usage data it can feel like you are always being reactive vs proactive to what’s going on in your customer base. With Basepair, you’ll know when and where your kits are being used, worldwide. Ever wondered how your assays are performing in the field? Now you don’t have to wonder. You can know.

Basepair Insights Can Help You: 

  • Offer Proactive Customer Support
  • Streamline Product Troubleshooting
  • Increase Repeat Business

Speedy Analysis = Speedy Sales 

Generating data from your assays is easy. But how do end users (bench scientists) analyze it? They can send it to their BIX team and hope for the best or send it to yours. Both options mean waiting for a response. Basepair is designed for bench scientists to upload their raw genomic data and gain insight from it themselves. This reduces your support team’s workload, shortens time to scientific insight for your customers, and ensures that data is analyzed correctly and consistently. 

Computational Biology. 

A Science & An Art.

Even if your customers have a supportive bioinformatics team, every bioinformatician has their own way of working. This means the data from your kits is being analyzed in a slightly different manner which results in inconsistencies in results, experiences, conclusions, and customer perceptions. Why not create an easy and consistent way for your test kit data to be analyzed that removes the variables from kit performance and outcomes?

What about my BIX team?

Despite our simplified exterior, Basepair is powered by intricate bioinformatics algorithms under the hood. We already support standard analysis pipelines and will collaborate with your bioinformatics team to deploy your custom approved workflows to your new Basepair portal. What’s more, the platform is extensible through our CLI and powerful APIs so that your Bioinformatics team can interact with it in a way that they are more familiar with.

Your Kits. Your Portal. Your Ecosystem. 

User experience is everything. So why are you leaving end user experience during kit analysis up to chance? Maybe you’re deploying workflows to GitHub or you’re searching for a way to bundle company branded software at the point of sale. Let us help you by building a branded portal for your customers to use. Every customer that purchases your kit will have access to it and be able to understand their data easily without leaving your company’s ecosystem. 

See first hand how Basepair can help you bundle data analysis at the point of sale with your test kit.

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